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Wednesday , June 2 , 2004
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We're moving
5/18/2007 11:04:00 AM | Xandy

Hey folks how's it going? Xandy here with an update again and yes - still no XC pages. I've been swamped with improving my life and making sure that I'm building towards my goals. Yes, I am still aspiring to be a game designer and rest assured that I'm working towards that as well.

But of course the reason why you're here reading this is because you want to know when Xanny's story will be continued. I am also working on pushing that and, starting soon (in maybe 1-2 weeks), Xanny's Curse will begin its migration from to Unfortunately there's nothing at the official domain at the moment, but I am scheduled (yes, I am scheduling myself nowadays) to address several usability issues with the site and offer much more in regards to community: Things like page commenting, descriptions on ideas behind the comic, and a part of the site where we basically lay out the text so that we can allow people to read the content using Babelfish and other site translation service. I have seen plenty of people coming from Japan, China, and Europe babelfishing the site. Accessibility is key here - and I understand that completely.

So what is this update for? This update is to basically let you, the reader, know that Xanny's Curse has not fallen by the wayside and fading into obscurity. I only pray that it's not too late :)!

Thanks for your patronage - you know who you are :)

Xanny's Curse update... yes, one that's within at least a week!
1/04/2007 08:48:00 PM | Xandy

Whoa, has Xandy fallen ill or something? Or is it really a Xanny's Curse update well under week of the other's posting? No ladies and gents, I am not sick... in fact, I am currently drawing the new page for Xanny's Curse! Yes, it's been a long time coming and I'm really sorry that all I have to offer is a condensing of 2 old pages that someone else drew (again, sorry Vince), but I really wanted to leave you all wanting more.

I spoke with my girlfriend regarding the comic and she dared me to continue it and why I want to continue it. It was quite simple really... I wanted to see where XC will take me... not because I want donations (of course, that would be nice!), but I really want to tell the story and I think it's high time that someone, either someone else or myself, continue telling it. Some people seek fame and fortune when making webcomics, but I can tell you that this is not I. The artists who made Venus Envy, Valkyrie Yuuki, Penny Arcade, and 8-Bit Theatre all wanted to tell a story, or provide a satire - and to that, they're great artists. I only aspire to be one of them.

In any case, I am almost done with conceptualizing the newest page of XC as I am currently being a little bit more bold with the layouts and what not. Of course, long time fans have already gotten an exclusive of what this page contains and what it means, but new fans will certainly appreciate the community that the comic has unexpectedly created.

Also, some people approached me as to whether or not XC is a transgender story. To that, I always would like to say "It's a story for everyone, regardless of gender and upbringing." It is and isn't at the same time. Suffice to say, Xanny's journey as Xandy is a journey of self-discovery - something that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. What I'm hoping that my audience will get out of XC is the notion that they can related to Xandy, whether the viewer is a girl or a guy, because of something that happened to them that Xandy's experiencing at some point.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, as no one has seen the rest of the comics (save for my girlfriend, who knows a little bit about where it's headed) but yea - I suppose the long and short explanation of it is, we'll see!

Xanny's Curse update
1/02/2007 03:22:00 PM | Xandy

Hello fans. One of my new year's resolutions came to me today in the form of creating a new site layout for XC, as well as a new logo. The layout is still far from done I'm afraid, as I have to try to relearn how to interface with the new Comic Genesis sytem in order to figure out how everything works on it. This time around, I'd like to take advantage of the many things that the system can do and for the better - I'm also going to be protecting my email address from e-mail phishing methods. You can't imagine how difficult it is to try and read emails from you all when I have to go through 3000 emails per day!

And so today, when you click my name above, you will now see that it has been changed to better save me from the mess that is phishing and all it requires you to do is to fix the email address as it will appear on your email client.

I have also been listening to the many fans of the series in saying that the past 2 pages have not been keeping with the same style as the previous pages. I have rolled back these changes and have decided to rewrite the pages in order to accomodate more of XC's style. Sorry Vince!

So does this mean there was progress? Hell yea! So give me a shout out at my email address (hint: click "Xandy") and let me know what the future of XC should be. I love you all!


A year and a Xbox 360 later, Hibiki updates XC... sorta
10/02/2006 08:21:00 PM | Xandy

Good evening everyone! Did y'alls miss me :)? I hope so.

I have much to talk about, and really little time to cover it, so I will start out with emails that have been sent to me via my highly spammed email address (which I should've protected a lot more from spam crawlers and what-not) and address the issues that people have been asking me regarding the comic. So yea, just think of this as a question and answer portion just for the few readers of the site! And after the whole email bit, I will address why XC hasn't been updated and all that junk.

(Originally Received on Aug 24, 2004) Paul J writes:
Like how much you've restored to your site. Since the Gallery section was one of my favorite may I suggest while you continue to restore on your new server that gallery area might be next to be done. You had such good images there."

Hibiki replies:
Unfortunately, most of the site's archived images are no longer available to me. Over the span of 2 years, I've had to purchase new hard drives and replace the old ones. If anyone has an online archive of the old images, I'd gladly put them back up. I was mentioning something to Jenn Dolari about rethinking the site design for the comic's return, but both the comic's return and the site redesign is still in development. Simple answer: We'll see :).

(Originally Received on Dec 29, 2004) Jimmy writes:

Will there be another Xanny's Curse?"

Hibiki replies:
In the words of Parappa the Rapper, "You gotta believe!" Over the course of the past few months, including the failed attempt to reinvigorate the site last year, I've been keeping up with the going on with Xanny's Curse. So I suppose an appropriate reply is, "Definitely. In fact, count on it this time. But like Blizzard and the guys who are working on Duke Nukem Forever (I admit, those guys are the worse to quote this from), "It'll be done when it's ready." I will explain what's going on with the site after I reply to all the emails sent to me :)... which should be somewhere below all these email replies.

(Originally received on Jun 28, 2005) Richard M writes:

"You probaly get this alot but I'll ask to. Updates anytime soon? I know you've been on hiatus for a long time but meh, I enjoyed what I read and would have like to seen it continued."

Hibiki replies:
You and me both Richard! I can definitely say that I've been keeping tabs on the comic's popularity. I consider XC as my baby, and most people who love creating stuff always have this sort of inkling to revisit things that they have not found closure with - kindof like an addiction problem of sorts! Okay, I admit that's a bad comparison - but I've always thought of updating XC. Sadly, I will deal with, and explain all that later, but rest assured that it's already in the works.

(Originally received on Sep 10, 2005) Paul Z writes:
"'ello, I had just happened upon Xanny when I saw your thing about your checking account being this a hacker attempt of some sort?"

Hibiki replies:
Yea, I was broke back then... but I realized ComicGenesis (Keenspace back in the day) is free. The "return of XC" last year was postponed due to a lot of things happening, and again, I'll write about that below in an all encompassing part of my entry for today.

(Originally received on Jul 12, 2006) Mark S writes:
"Not going to continue it? I just read through, and it's pretty good. I say you try to revive it again, if you have the time."

Hibiki replies:
It will be. It just needs to grow some arms and draw itself hehe. But seriously... at some point it will be. Not sure exactly when, because the new layout of the comic needs to be reflected by the site design, but I'm sure you'll be around when the time comes (this statement isn't meant to be arrogant or anything, mind you)!

Okay, so during the planned return last year, I was expecting to only have 12 units worth of school work all the way towards the end of the year. Trouble was, that I actually was missing a lot of units and that, in order to graduate, I'd have to take an average of 20/24 units per quarter to make it by the end of Spring quarter! That, in itself, ultimately spelled the doom for the planned update/s for the site last year.

This year on the other hand, I'm in the process of picking myself up from the trash heap that is my room and really trying to make something out of XC. No, I'm not going to start charging money to view the comics... but I realize that I had something with XC and I need to revisit it and finish it once and for all - for Xanny's sake, and my own.

I've pondered whether or not to restart the story again for the Nth time, and I'm convinced that I want to continue it from where we left off. The site will be redesigned to accomodate the change in styles, but I also want to accomodate more people coming in who haven't heard of the site at all before. I also realized that the community of XC readers has grown over the span of the past few years, and I would like a means to communicate with them and ask them what they think of the site and where it's headed.

From people mentioning the comic's name in The Wotch forums to being mentioned in the Talking Tranny Show, I think it's high time that XC's given the attention it has been missing since it's creation in 2003/2004. I'm not making any promises like the last time because I don't want to disappoint, but when the site's updated, you - the readers - will definitely notice it!

Until then, I'll work on the character designs and the storyboarding and website layout, and you'll hear from me regularly!

That, I can guarantee.

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